The Mains of Drum

The Great Drum Rake Off

Published 06/05/2024

We are excited to announce we are hosting a Gardening Competition! Have a garden that you want to showcase? You could win a Mains of Drum Gift Card up to the value of £150!

How to get involved?

Category 1 is for gardens up to around 200 square metres. This includes window planters all the way up to a back garden in a suburb.

Category 2 is for gardens above around 200 square metres. This includes large suburban gardens and country gardens.

The garden's square metres help give an idea of the different size categories.

This gardening competition is for gardens within the AB postcode area only. We will accept entries from Monday May 27th to Sunday July 7th. To enter follow these few steps:

Step 1:
Take photos of your garden looking its best. The entry cut-off is Sunday July 7th, so there is plenty time to get your garden picture-perfect. We are looking for photos taken within the entry period of Monday May 27th to Sunday 7th July.

Step 2:
Send an email to with the subject “The Mains of Drum Rake Off Entry (Please add your name)”
Attach photos of your garden to the email and give us the following details:
Contact Number:
Garden Category:
Date of when the attached photos were taken:

Step 3:
Send over the email and wait until Monday 15th July! We will post the finalists on for you to vote on, via the like/reaction feature. The gardens with the highest reactions from each size category will advance to the next round.

Step 4
It is then over to us! From the Monday 22nd to the Sunday 28th of July, we will contact the gardeners that have made it to the next round and organise our plant area experts to view your garden in person!
During these visits, they will decide who will win the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prizes of each category. Depending on our staff and contestants' availability, these visits will happen from the Monday 29th to the Wednesday 31st of July.


The all-important part… what is up for grabs?! Both our categories will have the same prizes of:

1st Place £150 Mains of Drum Gift Card
2nd Place £100 Mains of Drum Gift Card
3rd Place £50 Mains of Drum Gift Card

Key Dates

Entry Monday 27th May – Friday 7th July
Facebook Post for customers to vote Monday 15th – Sunday 21st July
We Will Contact Customers to Have Their Gardens Viewed 22nd – 28th July
Plant Experts Judge Final Gardens 29th – 31st July

Have questions or need help with taking part?

Message our Facebook, or send an email

Happy Raking!

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