The Mains of Drum

Tasks for October


October is a great month to plant a tree. There's still warmth in the soil for roots to start establishing


Plant up some colourful winter displays with Cyclamen, winter pansies and Skimmia! Ideal for a bit of colour later in the year.


Now is a great time to plant your bulbs for gorgeous spring displays. Whether you plant in the ground or in pots you can create a colourful scene early on in the growing season next year. Tulips are best left to be planted until next month, as they do better being planted once it's a bit cooler.


Now is the time to bring any tender plants you have growing outside back under cover. Some Salvia, Pelargonium and citrus are just a few of the plants which are tender so will need protection throughout winter. Dahlias and cannas can be lifted after the first frost.

Grow your own

If you've been growing squash or pumpkins now is the time to harvest them! They need to be harvested before the first frost otherwise they won't store so well. Depending upon the variety pumpkins can be stored for anywhere between 3-6 months.

Grow your own

If you have apple trees, it's time to pick the apples. Only store perfect apples as this minimises the chance of disease spreading and destroying your entire crop. Store somewhere cool, frost free and dark and ensure the apples aren't touching one another.


There's still time this month to take cuttings. Using a sharp knife take a section of non flowering growth from perennials. Plant in a free draining compost (compost with equal parts grit or perlite) and keep the humidity high. They should take root fairly quickly and won't need potting on until next year.

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