The Mains of Drum

Tasks for March

March is a lovely month, the garden is really starting to awake from it's winter slumber! The Crocus are providing a wonderful pop of colour and more spring bulbs are starting to make an appearance, with more yet to be enjoyed in the coming months.

There's plenty of jobs to be doing to kick start the new growing season, so here's a few to keep you busy!


Look forward to a stunning burst of summer colour by planting Lilies, Gladioli, Dahlia or Begonias in pots and borders.


Cut Cornus, Salix and Cotinus right down to the base to promote vigorous new growth, coloured stems and larger leaves.


Vigorous shrubs like Buddleja and Sambucus can be cut back hard to keep their size in check and promote more flowers.


Seed potatoes can now be put in a cool light place to chit, (sprout). Egg boxes are perfect for holding them.


Spring flowering shrubs like, Rhododendrons, Azaleas, Camellias and Pieris, will benefit from a feed with an ericaceous fertiliser.


If your grass is starting to grow set the blades high and give it a light trim, scarify and aerate if needed.

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