The Mains of Drum

Tasks for February

As we go into February we notice a shift in the garden, it feels like spring is not too far off and the days are gradually getting longer.

The snowdrops and Iris reticulata are the first flush of the spring bulbs to make an appearance, the Hellebores are flowering and it's a great time to sow bedding and certain perennial seeds. There's plenty of jobs to be getting on with, so here's a few to get you started!


When snowdrop flowers begin to fade split large clumps and replant to have an even better show next year.


Cut back late-summer flowering clematis to about 30cm from the ground. This will give fresh new growth and abundant flowers late in the season.


Deciduous shrubs are dormant at the moment so it is the ideal time to move them if they are growing in the wrong place.


For a bumper crop of tomatoes, pepper, cucumbers and chillies in your greenhouse this year it is vital that they get an early start so sow the seed NOW!


Cut autumn fruiting raspberry canes to the ground. The top of summer fruiting canes can be cut to a bud above the top support wire.


Sow seeds of bedding plants in a heated propagator and look forward to a magnificent summer display.

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