The Mains of Drum

Tasks for August

As we go into late summer there's still so much to enjoy! The fiery colours of Helenium and Rudbeckia, as well as Echinacea are taking over from the softer tones of early summer.

Grasses are now coming into their own and adding movement and rhythm to the garden. There's still plenty to be getting on with. Keep deadheading to ensure your displays last well into autumn, and when it's dry keep up with watering. Here's a few other ideas to keep your garden in ship shape.


Once lavender has finished flowering trim off the dead flowers to keep the plant compact and bushy. Avoid cutting into the old wood.


Summer fruiting Raspberry canes can be cut out and the new one tied in.


Camellias and Rhododendrons need to be kept well watered through late summer while their flower buds are forming for the following year.


Free plants! Lift and pot up rooted strawberry runners to add to your stock for next year.


Prune rambling roses by cutting out the oldest stems and if needed those that flowered this year.


In dry spells water your garden, pots and baskets well in early morning or in the evening.

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