Environmental Policy

The Mains of Drum

Environmental Policy

The Mains of Drum is committed to minimising the impact our activities have on the environment, and we take our responsibilities seriously. We continuously monitor and review our practices and policies. Horticulture has an important role to play in wider society and we are committed to fulfilling our role.

The Mains of Drum

Wastage & Recycling

• In the first instance we reduce the amount of packaging/wastage, we then re-use materials wherever possible be it cardboard boxes, plant pots or bubble wrap.

•If we cannot re-use it, we recycle it; we currently recycle paper, card, cans, glass, printer cartridges, wood, food waste from the restaurant, and as much plastic as we can. All our used vegetable oil is recycled into biodiesel and industrial hand soap. Only as a last resort does anything go in the bin.

• Communications, such as our quarterly newsletter, are delivered electronically reducing use of paper.

• Our enormous, underground 80,000 L water tank collects rain and run-off water which we then filter and re-use to irrigate our plants as well as flush the toilets.

The Mains of Drum


We provide our customers with information about environmentally friendly products and good horticultural practices so that they can make informed choices.

• While we do sell garden chemicals, we also always suggest the environmentally friendly alternatives.

• We actively promote cultural or organic means (such as mulching, proper pruning or companion planting) to resolve pest/disease/nutrient deficiency/water problems and advocate chemicals only as a last result and only when used responsibly.

• Our restaurant uses the highest quality ingredients most of which are sourced locally. All our chicken and eggs are free range. We use only Fair-trade and Rainforest Alliance certified coffee and tea.

• We are aware of the issues surrounding peat use and no longer stock peat bales. We do not recommend peat for any garden purpose when a peat-free alternative is available. We stock a range of peat-free composts and are looking to phase out peat-based composts.

• All of our garden furniture, bird tables and timber products come from legal, sustainable sources and carry the FSC certificates.


• Since we opened in 2009, we’ve planted hundreds of trees as well as shrubs and herbaceous plants beneficial to wildlife. Our herbaceous border features bee and butterfly favourites.

• We provide our customers with information on how they too can improve conditions for wildlife in their own gardens.

• We label plants which are bee favourites.

• Training: all of our staff receive in-house training to raise their awareness of the environmental issues and to encourage their support in improving our performance and encouraging our customers to improve theirs.

The Mains of Drum