The Mains of Drum

Tasks for June


Deadhead Rhododendrons and Azaleas by snapping off the old flowers. This will give the plant a better appearance, stop seed production and promote more flowers next year. Take care not to damage the new leaf growth.


Prune late-spring or early-summer flowering shrubs after flowering, such as Weigela, Philadelphus and Deutzia, by thinning out up to a third of the older stems.


New stems of climbing and rambling roses can be tied in horizontally to supports to encourage more flowers.


Cut back spring-flowering perennials, such as Pulmonaria, to encourage a fresh flush of foliage and new flowers.


Add plant supports for tall-growing perennials, including Hollyhocks and Delphiniums.


Container displays and hanging baskets will benefit from a liquid feed every week to encourage flowering or use slow release granules which will last the season.

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