The Mains of Drum

An Abundance Of Bulbs

Published 11/01/2022

In the garden centre this month there is a large selection of beautiful potted bulbs ready to plant into the garden or to add to your pots along with some colourful primroses, violas or pansies.

Nothing is more cheerful than the first pops of early spring colour from the snowdrops and crocus bulbs, and we all look forward to the dancing daffodils.

Planting a Pot: You could choose a colour theme, for eg. blues of Anemone, Iris, Muscari, Crocus; or Puschkinia with its blue striped petals along with some strong blue primroses or pansies to finish off with. A contrasting pot would show them off beautifully, glossy white or bright orange/terracotta are stunning options.
A mix of yellows and blues, or whites and pinks, both of which would be striking in a black pot. Whatever you prefer, a riot of colour in the early spring will look cheerful and bright.

Ensure that your drainage in the pot is really good as this is what the bulbs will need. Add plenty of grit to the compost if required.
For planting in the ground you could add grit there too - this will assist with drainage. Be sure to handle the potted bulbs carefully when putting them in place. We look forward to seeing what you all create!