August Angst

Trimming for the new bloom

Cut back tired early-season plants. Hardy Geraniums, Lupins, Delphiniums and Centaurea will produce fresh new foliage and may re-bloom if cut back hard now.
Dead-head your flowers to give them more flower power for longer.

Time to rearrange

Move your houseplants outdoors. Gaps in the border can be filled with pots of large houseplants, such as Dracaena, Sansevierias or Philodendron to give an exotic look. Remember to return your houseplants indoors once the temperatures start to tumble.
Re-arrange your pots and containers into eye-catching displays that draw the eye from duller parts of the garden.
Re-organise your patio furniture and garden ornaments to conceal or brighten up dull areas. Brightly-painted objects provide splashes of colour where flowers have faded.

Visit the garden centre

Get down to the garden centre and spice things up with the dazzling jewel-like colours of late-season herbaceous plants. Plant them into gaps in the border or into pots and move these into gaps as they appear.
• Crocosmia
• Dahlias
• Echinacea
• Helenium
• Japanese anemones
• Lilies
• Lythrum
• Asters (Michaelmas daisies)
• Nerine
• Penstemon
• Phlox
• Rudbeckia
• Salvia
• Sedums
• Shizostylis
• Verbena bonariensis

Boost your borders with late-flowering Roses, and other shrubs too, like Buddleja and Hydrangeas.
Plant shrubs with colourful leaves, such as Cotinus, Berberis or Phormium, to draw the eye away from tired early-season flowers.
Grow plants with showy seed heads, such as Eryngium, Nigella and Alliums.