Choose from our beautiful selection of Potted Spring Bulbs

End the dark days of winter and bring the joyful colours of spring home to your doorstep and garden by choosing from our beautiful selection of potted bulbs. There are cheery daffodils, crocus, tulips, hyacinths and numerous others in an array of jewel-like colours. Many have a delightful fragrance to enjoy as well.

Did you know

Snowdrops are surprisingly varied in their size, flower shape and markings. Some snowdrops are so unusual that they are bought and sold for hundreds of pounds. There are snowdrop events worldwide and avid collectors are known as Galanthophiles.
Start your collection now by choosing from our delightful selection of old favourites and some you may not have seen before. You too, can become a Galanthophile!

Top tips

• Snowdrop bulbs do not tolerate drying out. For best results plant snowdrops ‘in the green’. This means straight after flowering whilst the leaves are still green.
• Our potted plants are perfect for planting out into your garden.
• Plant snowdrops in part shade, in moist but well-drained soil. It is important that the soil does not dry out in summer.

Did you know

Introduced as a garden plant, the Spanish Bluebell escaped over the garden wall and crossed with our native English Bluebells to produce vigorous hybrids, which have become widespread. This can occur when Spanish or hybrid Bluebells are growing in gardens which are close to native Bluebell woodlands. The unique characteristics of our dainty native Bluebell are being lost and as such its survival is under threat.
Avoid buying Spanish Bluebells and buy native English Bluebells instead.
Unfortunately the Spanish hybrids are highly variable and can actually look quite similar to the English Bluebell.

English Bluebells:

• The flowers are a vivid violet-blue with a strong, sweet fragrance.
• The bells have narrow, straight sides and are deeply curved up at the tip.
• Most of the flowers droop to one side.
• The pollen-bearing anthers are creamy-white.
• The leaves are narrow.

If you can’t wait for your roses to bloom in summer, choose Camellias. Their early-season flowers are as lovely as roses. They also have the benefit of year-round dark glossy, evergreen leaves.

Top tips

• For best results grow Camellias in a sheltered spot in dappled shade.
• Avoid an east-facing position as the rising sun can harm frosted buds.
• Camellias thrive in acid soil. Such plants are called ericaceous plants.

A delightful range of Camellias, Ericaceous compost, Ericaceous feed and bark mulches are all on sale now at The Mains of Drum.

Elegant and devine, hellebore flowers shine out from the gloom of a shady border in late winter and early spring. We have a stunning selection, including the renown Harvington Hellebores, in a huge range of colours.

• Container-grown soft fruit and rhubarb..
• A great selection of young shrubs in 1L pots.
• A lovely range of houseplants.

• Chit early potatoes in a well-lit, cool but frost-free place.
• Plant up pots of lily bulbs for a dazzling summer display. They are hardy, but putting them in a greenhouse will give them an early boost.
• Start off dahlia and begonia tubers (at a min. 10oC), by potting up into pots of well-drained compost.
• Keep on top of perennial and winter-germinating weeds while they are small.

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