Plants for Autumn Pots at The Mains of Drum

Brighten up your days with a beautiful pot or hanging basket packed with colourful autumn plants. Pick ‘n’ mix from our extensive selection of pots, hanging baskets, bedding plant packs and small potted plants – you’ll be spoilt for choice! Don’t worry as our friendly plant team are happy to help.

Recipe idea:
1.Choose a centrepiece. Add a zing of citrus with the lemon-scented, lime-green, feathery conifer ‘Wilma’. Calluna ‘Garden Girls’ (Heather) and Solanum ‘Thurino’ (Winter cherry) are also good choices.
2.Surround your centrepiece with lower plants like Cyclamen, Sedums, Cineraria (Silver leaf), Dianthus or small ferns.
3.Mix in a few pretty bedding plants, like Pansies, Violas or Primroses.
4.Trail Hedera (Ivy), Lysimachia nummularia (Creeping Jenny) or Lamium (Dead nettle) over the sides.
5.For an extra boost in spring pop in some small bulbs such as Snowdrops, Winter aconites, dwarf Narcissi, Crocus, Anemone blanda or Muscari.

Tips for pots:
1.A large pot approx. 18-24” diameter will fit 10-15 small plants. Make sure that there are drainage holes in the base of the pot. You may have to puncture or drill holes into the bottom of plastic pots.
2.Use multi-purpose or tub and basket potting compost.
3.Make sure that your pot drains freely, as wet soil, especially in winter, kills plants. Place some crocks over the drainage holes and raise the pot up on to pot feet. On the other hand, remember to water your pots during dry spells.
4.Choose evergreen plants for colour and interest all year round.
5.Dead-head flowers to prolong your display.