5 tips for the perfect lawn!

  1. Grasscycling! When you are cutting regularly, cuttings can be left on the grass – these will break down and improve roots and fertilise your lawn. This is called grasscycling. It isn’t recommend if you have a wet lawn as this holds moisture.

  2. If the weather is hot, don’t cut the grass too low. Try to cut the grass just after the sun starts going down. This will help to prevent your lawn become brown and burnt.

  3. Fertilise your lawn, but not too often! Use an all purpose feed and weed, such as Westland All in One (£10 for 150m2 coverage), once every 2-3 weeks. Don’t go over the recommended amount as too much feed will damage your lawn and it will start to turn brown.

  4. Leave your lawn for a week after fertilising, then scarify using a rake. This will help to get rid of the moss to let the grass flourish. 

  5. Keep the lawn cut at this time of year by making it a regular task. It is much easier to do if you can keep on top of it.