Collector’s Corner… For the Dedicated Gardener

Our Collector’s Corner is for those of you who are plant connoisseurs or simply looking for something extra special or unusual.
It is inspired by the great plant hunters, but without the need for long-distance travel and the terrors of tigers, pit traps and grizzly bears! 

Some are treasures introduced from around the world, like the ancient Wollemi pine from Australia, whilst others are Scottish natives, like the dainty Scottish primrose. Some are precious and rarely seen, and some have special features such as exotic flowers, delicious perfume or a curious shape, like our collection of Niwaki-styled trees by Tom Taylor, Drumoak. A word of warning – once you start collecting plants, you will need a bigger garden!

(Please refer to the plant labels or ask our experts for advice, as some of these delightful plants require special attention. They may need a sheltered spot, good drainage and protection from frost, or special pruning or training.)

Collector’s Corner: Gardening Scotland 2nd – 4th June 2017 at The Royal Highland Centre, Ingliston, Edinburgh.

Show-stopping show gardens – great for design ideas.
Come and see our display based on designer Ruth Howell’s show garden ‘A Landscape in a Box’ at The Mains of Drum.
The Mains of Drum is proud to be supplying local garden designer and customer, Ruth Howell, with a beautiful selection of interesting and unusual plants for her show garden at Gardening Scotland this year. She has been commissioned by the Royal Botanic Garden of Edinburgh and the theme of her design is the work of the great plant hunter, George Forrest.
George Forrest transported plant specimens in wooden packing crates. Ruth’s garden is totally enclosed inside a huge wooden crate. Viewing holes in the side marking out the name, George Forrest, in Morse code, allow visitors to admire the garden.
Enjoy a great day out and take a look at Ruth’s unique garden ‘A Landscape in a Box’, and our plants at Scotland’s hugely popular gardening festival.

Collector’s Corner: Something Special – a rare opportunity to own a Niwaki-styled tree

Newly arrived at The Mains of Drum is a unique collection of beautifully trained and sculpted trees by local tree expert Tom Taylor, Drumoak.
Sadly, Tom passed away last year and we are proud to be able to offer some of his trees for sale here at The Mains of Drum. Tom was well known in the area and had a passion for gardening. He was a volunteer gardener at Drum Castle and featured in TV’s Beechgrove Garden. Many years ago, Tom worked in the Far East where he became fascinated by the Japanese pruning techniques of Niwaki.
Tom studied Niwaki and Bonsai techniques and also carefully observed the natural forms of trees and went on to create trees of stunning beauty. He trained trees so that the trunks were bent, curved and gnarled as if they had been sculpted by the wind on an exposed hillside. With a meticulous eye for detail he clipped the branches to form imaginative flattened layers or cloud shapes.

Collector’s Corner: our fabulous Tree Peony ‘Joseph Rock’ is in flower. Come and enjoy its huge blooms and its delicious perfume!

The renowned Tree Peony ‘Joseph Rock’ has been bred from seed obtained from the Arnold Arboretum in Boston. It is part of our collection of Peonies from Chelsea Flower Show medal winners: Binny Plants, Edinburgh.
We are delighted to be Scotland’s first and only retailer of peonies from this highly acclaimed, award-winning peony specialist.
Our carefully selected range includes herbaceous and intersectional (herbaceous x tree) peonies in a range of vivid colours and sizes. Binny’s peonies are of the highest quality with strong healthy growth.
Peonies need a really good chill in winter to flower well – not a problem here! Give them a sunny spot with well-drained soil.

Perfect Choice: Roses

Roses are at their best now and repeat-flowering roses will flower all summer until the first hard frosts of autumn. Roses do well with plenty of organic matter mixed into the soil – we have bags of well-rotted farmyard manure in stock. Choose a sheltered, sunny spot for your roses.

Of particular note are our stunning standard roses by David Austin.

Small roses, like miniature and patio roses, patio climbing roses and standard roses do very well in pots. Grow them in pots of moist, but well-drained soil-based compost, like John Innes No.3.

Choose from our beautiful collection here at The Mains of Drum.

(Prices are correct as from 31.05.17 and may be subject to change).