Get your lawn in the best shape – without the hard work!

The Flymo 1200R is an innovative piece of machinery which will leave all grass-loving gurus in awe. 

Simple to program, this lawn mower can be instructed to cut your lawn at a specific time, rain or shine - without the man power!

Simply mark your area with the wire and pegs (included) so that it knows its boundaries, then leaving it completely to its own device, the Flymo 1200R can trim the areas up to 400 m² on a regular basis. The device then returns to its charging unit, ready for another day’s hard work.

The lithium-ion 18V/1.6Ah battery is a reliable energy-saving bonus to this product and the fact that the blades chop the grass so finely and the grass will be cut more regularly, the cuttings are left on the grass unnoticable and are not required to be picked up afterwards! 

Who is ready to sit back and relax while the Flymo 1200R does all the hard work… 

Price £799