Garden Advice from The Mains of Drum Plant Expert Dr Jane Bingham

New Arrivals

Spring is in the air and we have lots of new and interesting stock arriving every week in the Plant Area.


The Mains of Drum has one of the best selections of conifers around. From stately specimen trees to delightful dwarfs, from workhorse hedging trees to characterful trained and pruned specimens, you will be spoilt for choice.

There is great excitement in the Plant Area this week as our huge delivery of big and beautiful trees arrives all the way from Italy. All of them are fully hardy here in the north-east. The plant area is looking fantastic with displays of all the different colours, shapes and heights – our customers are very complimentary. One of our particular favourites is the gracefully-arching Cedrus atlantica ‘Glauca Pendula’, which looks stunning.

Collector’s Corner

Our Collector’s Corner is back for 2017 for those of you who are plant connoisseurs or simply looking for something extra special or unusual.


A beautiful selection of roses from award-winning rose specialists, including David Austin and Peter Beale, is on display. Fill your summer garden with delightful blooms and delicious perfume.


If you can’t wait for your roses to bloom in summer, choose Camellias. Their early-season flowers are as lovely as roses. They also have the benefit of year-round dark glossy, evergreen leaves.

How to Grow

For best results grow Camellias in a sheltered spot in dappled shade. Avoid an east-facing position as the rising sun can harm frosted buds. Camellias thrive in acid soil. Such plants are called ericaceous plants.
Help them along by mixing Ericaceous compost into moist, well-drained humus-rich soil at planting time. Thereafter, each spring mulch the moist soil surface with a thin layer of compost, pulverized bark, pine needles or leaf mould to trap in moisture. Feed with Ericaceous fertiliser fortnightly and keep plants well watered in dry spells, particularly in late summer and autumn. Camellias can also be grown in pots.
A lovely range of Camellias, Ericaceous compost, Ericaceous feed and bark mulch are all on sale now at The Mains of Drum.

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