Garden Advice from The Mains of Drum Plant Expert Dr Jane Bingham

Christmas Trees galore and more

Our beautiful Nordmann Fir Christmas trees have been grown in Scotland on The Black Isle and in Tayside. Nordmann Fir have glossy, dark green needles that are very slow to drop, making them the ideal choice of Christmas tree.

Our trees are displayed individually on stands to make it easy for you to choose your perfect tree. We can trim it if you wish, and net it ready for you to take home, help you to your car, or if your tree is too large, we can deliver it to your door.

Follow this link to our website for advice on how to look after and get the best from your cut and potted Christmas trees, wreaths, mistletoe and Poinsettias: CLICK HERE

We also have plenty of other colourful seasonal plants to choose from, many of them in attractive containers, which make great gifts. Christmas tree stands, kindling and logs, sledges, snow shovels, salt and sand are also available under the Plant Area canopy.

Reminders for your winter garden

• Brush snow off conifers, box topiary and hedging.
• Avoid walking on the lawn when it is frosty or covered with snow as this can easily damage the turf.
• Check tree stakes, windbreaks, cloches and fleece coverings, making sure they are secure.
• Cover spring bedding displays with fleece during very cold weather.
• Do not over water houseplants; water them sparingly until spring.
• Insulate outdoor taps and store drained hoses and watering attachments indoors in a shed or garage if possible.
• Clean, sharpen and oil tools…or ask for some new ones for Christmas!

Happy Christmas from The Mains of Drum Plant Team!