We are now stocking delicious local Bennachie Honey in our Food Hall. 

Benefits of Local Honey

Maureen and Norman Stewart harvest their bees in the countryside of Inverurie. They are passionate about honey and their honey bees and have been kind enough to provide us with information about the benefits of local honey.

“Bennachie Honey is organic, locally produced, pure raw blossom honey straight from the hives.”

As the bees are pollinating from local flowers and trees this allows anyone who consumes the honey to build up an organic immunity to the pollen around them in the local area.

“Local honey has many benefits and properties for allergy and hay-fever sufferers. Lots of people experiencing relief from these symptoms upon consuming this local honey on a regular basis. Take the honey regularly throughout the year, especially during the winter months leading up to spring and summer, to build up immunity. “

This is great news for all snuffly-nosed, bleary eyed sufferers!

“Our honey is not heated like some honeys so retains all the healing and antibacterial properties along with naturally occurring pollen and propolis.” 

Heating honey totally destroys all its properties, which gives Bennachie Honey an advantage over the likes of mass-produced supermarket honey.

As the bees harvest on different flowers seasonally, the pollen and propolis within each batch differs, e.g. the honey will either have a more runny consistency or varied colouring. The bees will have collected pollen from certain blossom flowers one season, then harvest different plants the next, all from the local area so when you consume this your immunity becomes stronger.

More great uses of honey

Not only does honey help with hayfever, but it also can be used as a natural remedy for burns!

“For minor burns, a little honey placed immediately on the affected area for up to an hour will give great pain relief.”

And that’s not all…

“New research has shown Manuka honey has a Scottish rival with pure raw Scottish honey having many benefits plus the ability to fight bugs, treat infections and ulcers.”

(Did we also mention that honey makes a great hair mask?)

We have had a lot of interest in local honey in the past and now that we have a supplier we are enjoying the fact we can supply our customers with all of these benefits listed above.

Protect our bees!

A final important message from Maureen and Norman:

“Bees are vital for pollination, they account for a third of all the food we eat and are in decline, so please support our honey bees.”

As our customers are well aware, we are passionate supporters of keeping the honey bee alive and thriving in our local area. Moreover, we encourage people to shop local and try products that have been produced close to home, and with Bennachie Honey having such great properties, not to mention being absolutely tasty, we can be sure you are desperate to try it soon and won’t be disappointed!

Small Jar: £5.39
Large Jar: £8.99

Don’t forget we have a wide selection of “perfect for pollinator” plants that will which help keep the honey bee alive and support the bee network in our local area!