Outdoor Plants: September

Well this year seems to have flown by and the garden needs a bit of retuning. We can now start thinking of tidying up some of the spent plants and put in a bit of thought of how to improve things for next year.

In stock you will find lots of choice for late Winter / early Spring flowering bulbs, now would be the time to think of planting some of these so that you can have some nice fresh colour in the early months of the year. Snowdrops are one of the main bulbs that we associate with early Spring, there is nothing more exciting at the start of the year than to see the pretty white flowers. Soon after will be the crocus and then daffodils. These are your most popular and can be planted now but there are lots of different bulbs to choose from.

There are still plenty lovely shrubs to be had at the garden centre. Evergreens are popular so that your garden will look good throughout Winter. Pieris, Skimmia and Sarcaccoca are only a few. 

Deciduous shrubs such as Cornus give lovely leaf colour in the Autumn time as does some of our trees. One of the most colourful trees are the Acer palmatum. These put foliage on early in the year and change colours throughout to a usually autumnal crescendo before they lose their foliage for the wintertime.

Herbaceous plants are a winner at anytime of year so anything you are planting now to fill gaps that you see will maybe not look so good this year but will come up lovely for next year. Heuchera has lots of different shades of reds, greens, burgundy and orange so that you will still have some stunning colour. Leucanthemum, Delphiniums, Phlox and many more can be purchased still and although they may be on the verge of going over some colour can still be enjoyed, but just think how good it will be in the garden next year.

One plant you don’t want to miss out on is Nerine, a perennial bulb which in Autumn time will give you beautiful hues of pink flowers.