Outdoor Plants: October

Evergreens will now start to do their work for you. Deciduous shrubs will be giving a tremendous display of colour, it is just such a pity that they then drop their foliage and leave such a mess. If you have the space you would benefit from making your own leaf mould. After collecting all the leaves that have fallen you would then make a large encasement with chicken wire to hold them. They will then rot down and will become a fantastic mulch for your borders. Do keep in mind that you should discard any leaves affected with blackspot or mildew, so as not to encourage these diseases again next year.

The evergreen plants will still give you a lovely display and continue to do so right through winter. Under plant with your autumn/winter bedding or spring bulbs and you will have a splash of colour now and in the early spring.

Some evergreens will change colour at this time of year also some conifers can look especially colourful.

Skimmia Rubella will have put on its flower buds which will be a lovely hue of red and against its dark green leaf will look spectacular. Holly is a winner too having beautiful foliage, Ilex Argentea Marginata will look bright and stand out really well, covered in gorgeous red berries.

If you have a smaller garden or have lots of containers then Pieris Little Heath is a must. This evergreen will delight you all year round but is slow growing, small and compact.

If you want to plant a new tree now is an ideal time of year. If container grown you can plant at any time of year, in Spring and Summer watering will be an issue though, where as now the ground will not dry out the same and deciduous trees will not take so much water at this time. Some prefer to buy bare root and these should be planted as soon as you get them and if this isn’t possible at least heel the tree into soil in the garden somewhere where it will get moisture from the ground.

Sorbus aucuparia, which is better known as the Rowan, has gorgeous red berries and beautiful autumn foliage giving this tree its popularity.

Acers, Fagus, Prunus, and Cercis are only a few of the beautiful trees that you could choose from.