Outdoor Plants: November

Hopefully by now most of the gardening tasks are done and you are all ready for winter setting in. This is usually the month when we really start to think of Christmas so the garden will probably take a back seat. For the avid gardener though there is always something to do. Check out our other calendars for hints and tips.

It isn’t too late to be planting, as long as the ground is not frozen, you can still fill that space that you have been meaning to get round to.

There are still some lovely conifers in stock at this time of year. Conifers are beautiful all year round with their variety of shape, size and colour, a group can make a real statement. Maybe a piece of stoneware like a statue or bird bath would sit beautifully amongst them.

At this time of year it is worth remembering to look after your bird feeder and bird bath.

At the end of this month it will be possible to come and buy your Christmas tree, cut or pot grown.

Buying your cut tree early doesn’t mean that you have to put it up in the house. If you take a few centimetres off the bottom of the trunk and keep it in a bucket of water outside, the tree is likely to hold its needles much better and for longer. You will have a much better choice if you buy it early too, it is usually the case that centres get their trees delivered in one drop to last the whole season.

By the end of the month you will be able to purchase your poinsettia for a touch of deep red festive colour.