Outdoor Plants: March

This is the month that is really exciting at The Garden Centre. All our new stock will start coming in, our delivery of Specimens from Italy being the most anticipated. If you are after something to make an impact straight away then hopefully we will have something in stock for you.

Our tree lines should be fully stocked by the end of the month with anything from Apples and Pears to Flowering Cherries and Weeping Willows.

Flowering Heathers are looking particularly good at the moment and there is a large selection of conifers that would go well with them.

Maybe you have an alpine bed that needs perked up a little with some nice fresh plants of which we have a good selection, Dwarf Rhododendron and Azalea would look good with these too.

We will have a very good range of Roses this year and have started with a beautiful selection of Celebration Roses for birthdays, anniversaries etc. and Patio Roses.

There is so much more to see and such a wonderful selection to fulfil every need, please come along and have a stroll round, it’s such an inspiring time.