Outdoor Plants: December

Well winter is here, dark nights and dark mornings being the most reliable sign. This makes it such a short day and we never seem to get all the tasks done before the end of the year.

Christmas shopping is on most of our agendas so do keep in mind that a plant can have sentimental value when given as a gift and is something that can be appreciated for years to come. If you like the idea but are not sure what to buy then why not gift someone with our vouchers so that they could choose something themselves or maybe a pre-planted arrangement which can bring a touch of colour to a sometimes dreary season.

Keep an eye on your greenhouse, make sure the heater is working properly if you have tender plants in there. Always check that the temperature is correct. If not heated then make sure that the plants are well insulated and that the doors are closed at night time

As long as the ground isn’t frozen you can still be planting any trees or shrubs and at this time of year you will be sure to find a lovely choice still in stock.

Cornus, Hammamelis and Sorbus are just a few.

In the garden centre this month you will find Poinsettias in our houseplant section. They come in some beautiful colours, from white, pink and peach to bright red. The most popular is the red and there will be plenty to choose from. Poinsettias just seem to shout Christmas and having one in a suitable indoor pot will look stunning in your home.

Maybe you will have a conifer in the garden that you will use as a Christmas tree, give the area a tidy up ready for putting on any outdoor lights. On deciduous trees be careful if you are going to light these not to break any branches.

Cut Christmas trees will have been in stock since the end of last month so if you haven’t bought one already now is the time so that you can get it into a bucket of water as soon as possible. By taking an inch off the base of the trunk and keeping it in a bucket of water outside you will ensure that the needles stay on the tree for a longer period of time. If you leave buying one until the last minute then the longer the tree will have been without water!