Outdoor Plants: April

Spiraea Arguta and Syringa Red Pixie are only a couple that look really good this month. Camellias and some Rhododendrons are also in flower.

There is a large selection of Buddleja to choose from and now would be a great time to plant it. Give it a good home and you will encourage more butterflies to visit your garden.

If you are planning a hedge then there are many different shrubs which could be used but a popular evergreen hedge is Prunus laurocerasus.

There is also a very large selection of herbaceous plants. Lupins, Hollyhock, Digitalis, Aquilegia are but a few that we have in stock at the moment.

Plants also in stock are Euphorbia, Heuchera, Heathers, Conifers, Alpines, Roses and Trees such as Prunus (flowering cherry).

At this time of year the bedding will be in the process of changing over from primroses, pansies and violas to the summer selection. It is time to start thinking of Begonias and Petunias. Our canopy will have a large selection available by the end of the month. Please always remember to protect these new young plants from any late frosts that there may be.