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Jane is back with some top tips and tricks to help you make the best of this hot weather!


We have a tempting collection of potted mint plants in our Grow Your Own section. There’s Peppermint, Chocolate mint, Ginger mint, Orange mint and Banana mint to name just a few. With so many to choose from, you might want to collect them all!

Fancy a cuppa? Simply infuse a few leaves in boiling water to make a soothing cup of mint tea.

Did you know?

Peppermint is thought to ease digestion and relieve the discomfort of bloating and flatulence. Drinking a cup of mint tea before bed can help you sleep better. It is known as an anti-stress tea and contains properties that can relax muscles and encourage calmness.


Dianthus or ‘Pink’ is a cottage-garden favourite. It has pretty flowers with a heady, spicy scent that are excellent for cutting. Just imagine the aroma from a small posy on the table whilst you enjoy a cup of Ginger mint tea!

Did you know?

The name Dianthus is derived from the Greek words for God’s flower or Divine flower.


The delicious perfume and delightful flowers of Lilac are hard to resist, but Lilacs do tend to grow overly large and unruly. Luckily we have a good choice of compact, dwarf forms, which are suitable for growing in pots or in borders. Our Lilacs are about to open their blooms, we can’t wait!

Did you Know?

Lilacs grow well in the North East as they don’t like it too hot! Choose a sunny spot with well-drained, fertile soil.


Primulas are at their best just now. We all know the popular Polyanthus types that are used in spring pots and bedding displays, but there are many different types in all sizes and colours suitable for any part of the garden. They really are great garden plants. We have a lovely selection in full bloom just now, including: Primula ‘Apple Blossom’, Primula alpicola, Primula bulleyana, Primula chungenis, Primula sinopurpurea and many more.

Did you know?

An East-facing spot is ideal for Primulas, providing them with cool, morning sun and shade in the higher afternoon temperatures. Generally speaking, Primulas grow best in moist, humus-rich soil in partial shade. They can tolerate full sun if the soil is reliably moist.